Screw Implant

A screw implant, also known as an oil screw, is a metal screw-shaped root-form dental implant that is either tapered or parallel-shaped. Usually, a screw implant is used to fill in the central hole of a decayed or broken tooth. A screw implant is commonly placed in the jawbone to replace a lost tooth’s root.

Screw Implant

In general, screw and abutment implants have been shown to be highly successful, providing long-term tooth replacement services for patients. However, there are several factors, such as age and oral hygiene, that must be considered when choosing an implant. There have also been number of reports of complications associated with this procedure, such as an infection, capsular contracture, nerve damage, or a crown or other dental implant caps that do not stay in place well. Complications can also arise from the long-term use of dental implants, especially if they are over-contracted. It is important to choose dentist with extensive training in the placement of implants.

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